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"I’ve got my own version of a 'I was down to my last $30' story before I was blessed with an opportunity to do a commercial...that completely changed my life."

"[The Quiet] is a cathartic one for Schultz and her cherubic tone and range sets the theme perfectly while slowing the heart rate of its listeners."

“The Quiet” is warm, expressive and simply powerful. Samantha knows how to touch an audience with her genuine story-telling. With her hard work, drive and talent I’m willing to bet we’ll be seeing her soon on the Billboard charts.”

"...Her career had been all but entirely knocked over like a bowling pin without apology by the pandemic... We know we’ll get through this together, and this song shows how: with love."

"Other highlights included Samantha Schultz’s polished lead vocal on [Carole] King’s “It’s Too Late,” which she opened alone with a guitar..."

"[Kris] Kristofferson returned for a[n] encore that included [2 songs], both of which he [sang] with a great young singer, Samatha Schultz...[M]aybe a new star was born Sunday night..."

"A soft pop song with a bittersweet atmosphere on this female vocal interpretation with a beautiful sensitivity. The sense of doubt and vulnerability is gracefully conveyed on this track filled with subtleties."

"Ginamit ng isang Filipino-Canadian artist ang karanasan sa pandemya para lumikha ng awit tungkol sa pinagdadaanan ng marami ngayon."

"Strong lyrics are backed by brilliant piano work, moody drum programming, and vintage organ synth. The verses, full of emotional vocals..." 

“…back in town this weekend for two shows in The Club at The Citadel…coincidentally, it’s now just over a decade since Schultz had the show for her debut disc in the same space…”

"Schultz is a rising star, she knows exactly how to make good music.  [It]  has all the elements of modern art. Start soon as possible!"

"There are no sure things in music --- but Samantha Schultz is about the closest you'll ever get."

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